Hello summer 2020 - Poêmy scarf big promotion

Hello summer 2020, Poemy Towel has many attractive promotions for customers buying online. Consumers "dot gold" when buying towels on this occasion.

During the summer of 2020, a large number of consumers have bought face towels and Poemy towels to prepare for a family outing. From elderly customers to housewives, brothers and sisters or babies... all love the soft, smooth Poêmy towels right from the "first touch". Therefore, the majority of people who buy Poemy Towels online through websites and fanpages are excited about the "rains" of promotions.

Accordingly, the purchase program with the same price of 29K when buying 10 products or more is applied by Poemy Towels for adult face towels KT 29 x 45, children face towels (02 pieces) KT 20×21, hand towels, towels kitchen cleaning. Customers who buy online can choose their own color of towels. No need to go to the market to choose towels of unknown origin, you just need to sit at home and still buy soft - soft - smooth Poêmy towels, the price is surprisingly deep.

The program of buying terrible towels, giving hair wraps is the top concern of "beautiful sisters". Bath towels and hair caps are also the two best-selling products of Poêmy towels, especially when summer is coming.

Thanks to outstanding advantages such as non-greasy, non-greasy, smooth, soft and suitable for all skin types, Poemy towels have always been well received by consumers over the past 10 years.

If you are interested and want to experience Poêmy face towels, please call us via hotline: 1800 969679 for FREE support.

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