Poemy children's bathrobe DISCOUNTED to 249K (old price 329K)

SPECIAL OFFER for the first 59 registered customers only. Poemy children's bathrobe with DISCOUNT ONLY 249K (old price 329K) for babies to celebrate the new school year.

Baby bathrobe trends 2020 have good water absorbent material. Newborns are very naughty, so after bathing it, it is difficult for you to completely dry your baby. Many times a baby gets a cold just for this reason. Besides, when you use a non-absorbent towel to dry the skin in difficult-to-breath areas such as armpits, groin, etc., combined with clothes that are difficult to absorb sweat, it will easily cause children to have skin rashes, rashes. , et cetera.

Baby bathrobe

Poêmy  children's bathrobe is manufactured from high-quality microfibers. When using the product does not shed hair, so it is absolutely safe for the baby's immature respiratory system. These microfibers are highly absorbent with a comfortable softness. Your baby's body will quickly dry out and be kept warm with a delightful cuddling feeling.

The trend of children's bathrobe 2020 has a clear origin
Baby bath towels need to be of origin, so that consumers can rest assured when choosing.

Poêmy baby bathrobe is a Made in Vietnam product that has been on the shelves for the first time since 2011. The Poêmy brand quickly won the hearts of domestic users.

To be able to conquer the international market, Poêmy baby bathrobes must ensure to meet the European TUV certificate – one of the world's most rigorous quality standards in the textile industry.

Poemy baby bathrobes are widely sold in the market through sales channels at large supermarket chains such as Big C, Aone, Lotte...

Besides, Poêmy baby bathrobes are also distributed directly or online through reputable sales channels such as: Bibomart, kids plaza, tuitcare, shoptretho, soc&brothers.

Mothers can easily order Poêmy bathrobe for their baby online if they are busy. In particular, if you follow Poemy's fanpage, users will easily understand the preferential programs to buy goods at preferential prices. Products will be shipped to your home according to the description of the selected color.



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