In order to make your purchase at Poêmy Towels more complete, we hope that you will double-check when receiving the goods:

Product name and product quality.
Product information, recipient information while receiving the goods before signing for receipt and paying the delivery staff.

Poemy Towel supports exchanging/returning products for you if:

- The product is still in its original packaging.

- VAT invoice (if any).


All return orders need to be photographed and inboxed to Poêmy's fanpage

The content of the email must clearly state: name - address - phone number of the consignee.
Take pictures of the product's condition, specifying technical errors if any.
Product exchange/return content

How to handle

1 Product technical error - due to supplierInnovate with products
2 The product is damaged by the customerDoes not support exchange/return
3 Reasons for exchanging/returning products such as: the customer ordered the wrong product or no longer needs it. The product must be intact, with no signs of being used
  Support to recall and refund 100% of product value to customers.
**Note: Poemy Towel will not support refund of shipping costs in this case.
4 Wrong delivery / missing deliveryWrong delivery of Poemy Towel will be exchanged for the correct product ordered. 
 Missing delivery Poemy Towels will make up for the missing quantity according to the order.
5 Poor quality of goods due to shipping When the order is delivered, the customer inspects the product before signing the order with the shipper. 
 When the customer has signed to receive the book after checking, Poemy Towel will not accept the case of poor quality due to transportation.
(*) Refund method: Via bank account from 5-7 working days (after we receive the returned product)
Poemy Towels will check the above cases and solve them for you within 30 working days from the time you receive the goods, past the deadline on Poemy Towels, please do not resolve the complaint.